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How You Can Make a Profit While Making a Difference with Angelo Alberto

Architect Angelo Alberto joins Michael Pallozzi to discuss how he built he established his architecture firm. Throughout the conversation, you will hear about how Angelo built his business beyond the bottom line by making the business a true part of the Camden City community.

Tune in to hear the story about why he broke off a business partnership, went solo, then sold his business.

Angelo Alberto sold his architecture firm, Alberto and Associates, to Spiezle Architectural Group. Alberto is one of the main principles and lead architect at Spiezle Architectural Group. Alberto studied architecture at both Harvard and Cornell.


●     Why breaking off a great partnership can still be a great thing.

●     What to look for when selling your company.

●     Why selling your company is both a compliment and critique.

[01:00] Who is Angelo Alberto?

[05:14] You can’t succeed with creativity alone, you need to master THIS too.

[07:14] What do urban design businesses do?

[09:47] Finding a great mentor and partner at a premier architecture firm.

[12:07] The serendipitous way he ended up starting his own business

[14:00] Why he left his prestigious partnership to go solo.

[15:21] Finding family and synergy in his team.

[17:31] Becoming the rainmaker of his business.

[18:15] Creating the renaissance of a city even after an economic downturn.

[20:27] Balancing business profitability with supporting important charitable causes.

[21:43] Why your business getting bought out is both a compliment and a criticism.

[23:54] A great reason to sell your business (even if things are going well).

[28:01] Advice for entrepreneurs who work in creative spaces (like architecture).

[31:25] Angelo Alberto’s plans for the future (and a local legend).

[36:30] Why you must read the book Never Eat Alone.

  1. To be a successful entrepreneur, creativity is not enough to help you succeed. You also need to be well-versed in how businesses run and flourish.
  2. Exiting a great partnership can still be a good idea if the partners don’t share the same vision.
  3. Being an entrepreneur does not confine your impact to your company. Rather, being an entrepreneur means having a positive impact on the community in which you are.
  4. When other businesses are interested in acquiring your business, consider it both a compliment and a criticism. On the one hand, you’re probably doing something right and on the other hand, there are probably things they can do better.
  5. Getting a team of professional advisors (like an attorney, accountant, and financial advisor) can do wonders for your business.

Book recommendation: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

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