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Finding Opportunities in the Chaos: Why You Should Invest During Market Volatility

2022 was a rough year for investors. And when the market becomes challenged, people begin to feel intimidated and might look to put their money elsewhere. And yes, investing involves risk, but don’t stick your head in the sand and think relying on bank interest will be enough to reach your goals because, historically, you will lose to inflation over the long term. Jason and Tyler review market turbulence, past market performance and what those investments would be worth today.

Tune into this episode to also learn:
  • How to beat inflation
  • The right way to calculate how much you’re really making from your investments
  • If it’s worth investing in the market in 2023
What we discussed:

(00:35) Greatest wealth creator of all time.

(01:16) Excuses people make for not investing.

(02:30) Will the market ever go back up again?

(05:11) The right way to keep up with inflation.

(06:22) Real return vs. nominal return.

(07:48) Who causes inflation?

(08:46) Is this a good time to invest?

3 Things To Remember
  1. Beating inflation isn’t necessarily a year-to-year thing. You have to view beating inflation with a long-term mindset. The market may or may not beat inflation in a given year, but over time, the market usually crushes inflation. It’s the market’s job to beat inflation.
  2. If you keep money in cash or bonds, you would likely lose out to inflation in the long term, even with the interest you made. Not all interest keeps up with inflation.
  3. Before slowing your investment activity, ask yourself: are the market changes we’re experiencing outside the scope of what we expect from the market? If the answer is no, keep investing.

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