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Smart Not Spoiled: Raising Financially Savvy Kids

In this episode of the Dollar Wise Podcast, host Jason Gabrieli is joined by Chad Willardson, president and founder of Pacific Capital, bestselling author, and co-founder of GravyStack. Chad shares his journey of teaching financial literacy to children, inspired by his experiences as a father of five. He discusses the development of GravyStack, an innovative app designed to help kids learn about money through practical activities, and the importance of financial education at a young age. Chad also delves into the philosophy behind his book “Smart Not Spoiled,” offering practical advice for parents on raising financially responsible children.

Tune into this episode to also learn:

    • The inspiration and development behind the GravyStack app
    • Practical steps for parents to teach their kids about money
    • The importance of creating a family mission statement and financial values

What we discussed

  • [00:02:27] Financial education and entrepreneurship for kids
  • [00:04:29] Teaching kids about money at home vs. school
  • [00:06:03] Practical tips: No allowance, earning through chores
  • [00:09:11] Integrating GravyStack methodologies into family life
  • [00:11:07] Starting financial education early
  • [00:12:01] Long-term vision for GravyStack and financial literacy impact
  • [00:14:13] Practical steps for parents to get started

3 Things To Remember

  1. Kids learn about money through observation and practical experience.
  2. Stop giving allowances; instead, offer opportunities to earn.
  3. Create a family mission statement and discuss financial values regularly.

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Connect with Chad Willardson: LinkedIn

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