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2022 Has Been a Tough Year for Investors - Overcoming the Physical Toll of Stress

2022 Has Been a Tough Year for Investors – Overcoming the Physical Toll of Stress

We have become constantly stressed. We are no longer in fight or flight mode just at the gym, we are in fight or flight mode just before bed. Stress is depleting us and taking away our ability to make the most out of our bodies for the rest of our lives. Mike Blaylock and Jason discuss how you can stay fit and active for the rest of your life by doing simple things like learning how to breathe better.

Mike Blaylock is a fitness coach and the owner of Barn Strength and Conditioning.

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • How to get out of the everyday pain you now dismiss as normal
  • How the way you experience gravity changes your body
  • How to stay active your whole life


(00:40) How is a finance coach similar to a fitness coach?

(02:06) The exhaustion of fight or flight mode

(06:54) Learning how to breathe is step 1

(11:34) The effect of gravity on your body

(12:37) Your body is heavier on the right. What does this mean for you? OR Why are most people right-handed?

(17:05) How to change the way you breathe

(24:44) Stopping your body from aging


  • Breathing dictates everything in your life. It dictates how your day goes and it dictates how you process events and regulate your emotions. We breathe 22,000 times a day.
  • Much of your health boils down to the shape of your lower back. It is what carries you throughout your life.
  • Before pushing your body too hard in doing high-intensity training, you must first build a base for your body. You have to strengthen your aerobic zone and master how you get oxygen in and out of your body.



Connect with Mike Blaylock: Barn Strength and Conditioning

Connect with Jason Gabrieli: LinkedIn


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