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Aging with Grace: Ensuring a Burden-Free Future through Life Care Planning


HFM is shining the spotlight on the crucial topics of elder law planning and life care planning. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Jason Gabrieli is joined by Brittany Tedesco, Esq. from Bratton Law Estate and Elder Attorneys, a seasoned expert in the field, who guides listeners through the various aspects and timelines associated with these services. The conversation centers around the practical side of end-of-life planning and the resources available to those navigating this process, with the objective is to ease the pressure on the family and the client, allowing them to focus on their roles without worrying about technical aspects.

Tune into this episode to also learn:

  • What is the importance of pre-crisis planning in elder care?
  • How does the role of a Care Coordinator in an elder law firm help in facilitating the process of elderly care?
  • What are the different factors considered when planning for elder care services?

What we discussed

[00:01:42] Elder law attorney offers comprehensive life care planning

[00:05:17] Life care planning involves understanding client’s concerns, goals, and financial state to provide personalized care plans

[00:09:08] Seek advice for elder care and caregiver burnout

[00:10:30] Estate planning firms offering life care planning can provide peace of mind for the future

3 Things To Remember

  1. Elder law attorneys provide much more than just wills and powers of attorney, they can provide guidance beyond that, including what they call life care planning services.
  2. Having a care coordinator can relieve the family and the client of a lot of pressure and make sure they can focus on being the child or the parent and not worry about uncomfortable conversations or making big decisions.
  3. It’s good to think about these things in advance and have a plan for emergencies.

Memorable moments:

(04:44) “Before you have that major medical event or know that you need long term care, it’s good to think about these things in advance and have that plan so that when that emergency does happen, we know what our plan A is, we know what our plan B is, and C and so on.”

(05:36) “We take a big look at that picture and put together a financial forecast or an action plan with regard to what options they may have.”

(08:17) “And somebody who knows the ins and outs when you’re moving into an assisted living or a nursing home, there’s contracts that need to be signed, right? And there’s financial disclosures that need to be made. So we work with the facility and have those conversations if we’re going to be applying for Medicaid so they know that we’re keeping the lines of communication open about where the payer source is going to be coming from. So we handle that as well.”

(09:08) “Basically, anytime you are feeling that concern with regard to any sort of long term care usually we work with older adults, obviously, but as soon as you are starting to feel that concern, if you are noticing a decline, in like an elderly parent, and you’re starting to have concerns about them caring for themselves at home. Or there’s a recent medical event, or there’s a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Those are all good times to speak with an attorney and see what your options are.”


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