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The True Cost of Financial Stress

Calculating The Cost of Financial Stress in the Workplace.

A financial wellness program can help protect your company from the negative effects of financial stress. Your company’s bottom line can be impacted by the high cost of financial stress. This includes costs associated with turnover, as well as silent quitting behaviors such by minimal effort and enthusiasm.

But with a proactive approach to managing finances through the implementation of a financial wellness program, organizations can help alleviate money-related pressures while boosting morale and improving their company’s bottom line.

Calculate how much your company will benefit by understanding the hidden costs associated with employee monetary distress and the impact that a financial wellness program could have on your business.


Source:  John Hancock. “Stress, Finances and Well-being.” 2022.


Calculate The Cost of Financial Stress in the Workplace


Offering financial wellness and education to your employees can help reduce employee financial stress which can lead to lower turnover, improved company productivity and a healthier bottom line. We are dedicated to helping you discover and implement financial wellness solutions that can positively impact your employees and your company.


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