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Should You Invest in AI Stocks?

Welcome to a festive edition of the Dollar Wise podcast! Jason Gabrieli and Catherine Allen-Carlozo, both Certified Financial Planners at HFM Investment Advisors, delve into the latest world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stocks. Tune in to hear them discuss the recent trends of investing in AI and the massive influx of AI-related companies. You will explore the risks, opportunities, and misconceptions surrounding AI investments and understand the need for caution and well-informed decisions. It’s a conversation packed with insights, making it a must-listen for anyone curious about AI’s role in the future of investing.

Tune into this episode to also learn:

  • What defines an AI stock, and how has the AI investment landscape evolved recently?
  • What are the potential risks and benefits of investing in AI stocks, and how can investors navigate this field wisely?
  • How do major companies incorporate AI into their business models, and what does this mean for investors?

What we discussed

  • [00:01:19] The emergence and impact of AI stocks in the market
  • [00:03:34] The parallels between AI stocks and other investment trends like dot com and cannabis companies
  • [00:05:18] Why established companies are key players in AI development and how this affects investment strategies
  • [00:07:22] The buzz around AI and its influence on stock market trends
  • [00:09:15] The psychological factors like FOMO affecting investment decisions in trendy sectors
  • [00:10:24] Strategies for balanced and responsible investing in AI stocks

3 Things To Remember

1. AI stocks represent a diverse and rapidly evolving investment landscape, requiring thorough research and cautious decision-making.

2. Established companies with AI integration may offer more stable investment opportunities compared to new AI startups.

3. Balancing excitement for AI investment with a diversified portfolio and sound financial planning is crucial to mitigate risks.

Memorable moments:

(03:59) “ It’s very interesting to me how much is going into health care and data management processing, the iCloud, as we all know, FinTech. Financial data sets and cyber security. I think that’s going to be very important.”

(08:33) “That’s what scares me about if someone just says, Oh, I’m going to do a little research. First of all, you better have a lot of time on your hands to be able to do the kind of research to research 4,600 companies just in the U.S. To decide whether you should be investing in these companies.”

(12:03) “As long as you’re not derailing your whole financial plan to chase the next hot thing, because I don’t think AI is going to be the next NFTs, but it can just be gone in a year. It is going to change things. It probably is going to make our society different for sure, but it’s something that you still shouldn’t all of a sudden take a left turn on your entire investing to pursue.”

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