Many of our clients tell us that after saving so long for retirement the reality of actually “retiring” causes them lots of confusion and stress. Retirement has largely been a concept and a dream. But now that it’s here, many clients want to know, “what it looks like” and get a thorough review close to retirement to make sure their careful planning will stack up to reality.

They typically ask, “Do we have enough? Can we keep up with inflation? Are we being realistic with our retirement lifestyle dreams?”

During our work with clients, we also look for the unforeseen challenges, such as; What if Social Security pays less than they expected? What if one or both need a long-term care facility?  These situations can affect their financial planning, so we educate them about their investment options and any risks that may be associated with them.

With their involvement, we start with a current assessment and then help them with a retirement income plan that relieves their apprehension so they can concentrate on spending time with their family, volunteering, traveling and enjoying the next part of their lives.