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{PODCAST} Elder Law & Estate Planning: Get the Best Elderly Quality of Life with Casey Price Thumbnail

{PODCAST} Elder Law & Estate Planning: Get the Best Elderly Quality of Life with Casey Price


Casey Price, Elder Law Attorney, joins Jason Gabrieli to discuss elder law and estate planning. Most people don’t know that elder law attorneys exist nor are they familiar with what they do.

Did you know? Getting help from an elder law professional can help you protect your loved one’s life savings. 

Tune into this episode to learn: 

  • The difference between elder law and estate planning; 
  • How to avoid and deal with caregiver stress and burnout; 
  • When you should start contacting an elder law attorney; 
  • Why you should get long term care insurance as soon as possible.


[00:30] Who is Casey Price (Elder Law Attorney) 

[02:13] What is elder law (and why should it matter to you)?  

[04:08] How giving up some independence is the way you gain independence as an elder. 

[07:33] How the quality of life of the caregiver and the elder are connected (preventing caregiver stress and burn out).

[09:12] How soon should I start elder law planning (and get long term care insurance)? 

[13:41] How to care for my ageing parent or loved one: step one. (not taking no for an answer)

[16:49] There is always a solution to improve the quality of life for you and your loved one. 

Key Highlights 

  • Estate planning is making sure someone is there to make decisions for you if you are not there to make decisions for yourself. 
  • Elder law is there to help people when their assets are under attack and at risk due to the cost of long term care (eg: nursing home care). 
  • Elder law also has a huge role to play in scenarios where an elder person has not put a decision maker in place before an unfortunate event. For example, if a loved one has a stroke before appointing a trusted person to manage their money and take decisions on their behalf, elder law ensures that these decision makers are put in place after an unfortunate event. 
  • Most elder people are worried about independence and protecting their money.
  • The quality of life of the caregiver is connected to the quality of life of the elder they are providing care to. Sometimes, getting external support boosts the quality of life of both the caregiver and the elder loved one. When external help is resisted, everybody’s quality of life suffers. 
  • When the time comes and you realize you (or your loved one is) are changing, don’t sit back. Take action. Every day that goes by is an opportunity lost but it's never too late. Always ask for help. Also, try to get long term care insurance. 
  • Don’t take no for an answer when it comes to taking care of your ageing loved one’s assets or life savings. Keep searching for a trusted professional who is able to help you protect their finances. 

Useful Links

Call Price & Price, Attorneys at Law: 856-429-5522

Price & Price, Attorneys at Law: Price Law Practice 

Connect with Casey Price: LinkedIn

Connect with Jason Gabrieli: LinkedIn

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[03:48] “The way I define elder law it involves decision making and it involves protecting what you’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate all these assets but overall the overarching concept is quality of life: how do we make sure that our elderly loved ones have the highest possible quality of life no matter what situation they might be dealing with.” - Casey Price

[05:39] “If folks are willing to give up a little bit of independence, they can keep a whole lot. You want to be independent? The best way to be independent is to get help with the things you need. If you need grab bars in your house. Get the grab bars.” -Casey Price

[11:20] “The answer to ‘when’s the best time to plan?’ Well of course, the sooner the better. Long term care insurance. When you are young and healthy, get long term care insurance. I see great results from families when their loved ones have long term care insurance. They can protect most of their money in that scenario.

[11:41] “When the time comes that you realize something is going on, take action. Contact someone for help, for advice. Don’t sit back and wait. Everyday that goes by is an opportunity lost in many situations. The sooner you start, the better. But most importantly, it’s never too late. Always look for help. I have so many people that will come to me and say ‘I didn’t realize that when my loved one moved into a nursing home we were still able to protect some of their money’”.

[16:23] “Don’t take no for an answer when it comes to your loved one’s life savings, when it comes to your loved one’s quality of life. You want to push, you want to be a little aggressive there and try and keep working until you find someone who says ‘yeah, there’s something we can do, we can make life a lot better. Yeah, there’s something we can do, we can protect a lot of that money’ that’s the answer you’re looking for”