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{Newsletter} Q4- Strategic Thinking Topics for Retirement Plan Sponsors  Thumbnail

{Newsletter} Q4- Strategic Thinking Topics for Retirement Plan Sponsors

It’s hard to believe that this year is nearing the end, but with a new one approaching comes plan sponsor responsibility and proactively thinking about 2022.

Employees are still recovering from the pandemic and a K-shaped economy; whether or not employees are financially stable, they might need some advice to alleviate stress and get back on track. Employers can help by getting together with their plan advisor and discussing common employee FAQs.

More and more employers are establishing a group to manage and make decisions about their retirement plan benefits. Retirement plan committees can have a huge impact on fiduciary duty and how successful employees are at preparing for retirement.

Start strategically thinking about the end of the year and new year with our Q4 newsletter. Newsletter_-_Strategic_Thinking_Edition updated.pdf