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How Much Are You Ready to Lose from Your Insurance Policy?


It can be quite tempting to pick a fast and inexpensive car or home insurance provider online and call it a day…but what are the risks? We discuss what your car or home insurance should cover so it doesn’t cost you down the line and end up being an expensive mistake. Shayna Carnevale from Comparion Insurance joins us to shed light on what makes up safe and legitimate auto and homeowner’s insurance.

Tune into this episode to also learn: 

  • What your car and home insurance should cover
  • What you might misunderstand about car and home insurance policies
  • Why not to buy car and home insurance online

What we discussed

(00:36) Protecting your home and car

(01:23) Cheap car insurance: what’s the catch?

(03:40) What’s an umbrella insurance policy? OR Insurance you need if you have more than $500K

(05:38) Danger of buying your home insurance online

(09:30) Why compare different insurance providers (Comparion Insurance Agency)

(12:11) How to reach Shayna Carnevale

3 Things To Remember 

  1. To determine how much car insurance is enough ask yourself: how much money can I stand to lose in a lawsuit? A large car-related lawsuit can push you to lose your home if you have coverage that’s too low, so it’s important not just to select the cheapest car insurance option
  2. One of the main coverages your homeowner’s insurance needs to have is a large sum of money allocated for the rebuild of your home in the unfortunate event of a total loss. This will be the largest amount in your policy, if you read through the declarations page of your policy, this number will jump at you.
  3. The rebuild estimate of your home is not the same as the market value of your property.

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