Lizabeth Roth

Often Described As:   Happy, bubbly and helpful.

Family Matters:   My husband, Mike and I live in Glassboro, NJ with our 14 year old son, Ethan.  He is a 9th grader at Glassboro High School and plays on the Glassboro High School Varsity Soccer team.  He also plays for a club team RUSA FC.   We have two dogs that we rescued, Eggroll is a Chihuahua and Chewy is a Yorkie.

Friends or Family Poke Fun At:  My family and friends know that I don’t like to sit still.  I am always planning somewhere to go.  I am always up for an adventure!

Favorite Movie Moments:  I love to watch all the Disney classics and Hallmark.   My favorite movies are the ones that end in a happy love story or a happy ending.

Favorite Quote:  I have three and they are all from Disney’s Characters:

  • Finding Nemo-  Just keep swimming!
  • Peter Pan – Think happy thoughts!
  • Donald Duck – Happiness is the richest think we will ever own!

Most Satisfying Part of Life at HFM Investment Advisors:  From the day I started here, I love the feeling of being part of a family and being able to help everyone.

Most People Might Not Know:  Two fun facts about me:

  • I tell people I am from New York, Maryland and Texas.
  • My husband and I were married in the Happiest Place on Earth-Walt Disney World!!

Most Memorable Trip:  Going to Disney world

Community Involvement: Glassboro High School After- Prom.

Favorite App:  Pinterest

Ideal Weekend:  Soccer games and being at the beach

Most likely to spend a spare hour:  Catching up with my best friend.

Family Matters:  Spending time with my husband and our son, enjoying going to soccer games or hanging out with our friends.   If there are no soccer games scheduled, we can be found in NY or MD with our families.