Anyone can plug numbers into a website or software and create financial projections. At HFM we believe the difference–maker to helping clients have a successful investing experience is sensible investor coaching.

Coaching helps prevent you from speculating and gambling with your money, guiding you to make non-emotional decisions instead.

Stay Educated. Stay Financially Fit

Our coaching is the kind of ongoing tough love process that perseveres through changes in the market, transitions in clients’ lives, the economy and the world crisis du jour. We help you stay disciplined through investor education and do not enable behavior such as, stock picking, market timing or track record investing that can lead to poor decisions.

This frequent communication either in person, or in groups is vital to helping you gain peace of mind about your investments.

Why is Investing Peace of Mind So Important?

Isn’t feeling comfortable with your investing philosophy during good and bad markets better than the stress and anxiety typically associated with investing in the stock market? Yes, we think so too. Our goal is to be your coach not a sales person.

So, Are You Ready?

What’s your Risk Number?

Let’s Talk

“Which would you rather have, a Coach or a Sales Person?”

All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful.