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What type of account should I open?

There are a number of different types of investment accounts and – depending on your situation – one may be better than another. If you’re unsure which may be best for you, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call with a HFMignite Advisor, so that we can better understand your situation.

Are there any fees to investing?

The annual fee is 0.60%. This fee covers your HFM Ignite and Betterment’s digital platform fee.

Where do I view my accounts?

Download the Betterment app on your phone or tablet to access your account(s) anywhere, anytime. To sign in and view your account(s) through a web browser, click here.

How do I contribute to my account(s)?

Making deposits is as easy as logging in and linking your bank account. Once you’ve verified your banking information, you can then make lump-sum deposits whenever you like. You can even setup recurring deposits to automate your contributions to occur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

How are my account(s) invested?

Your portfolio is created and managed using Nobel Prize-winning financial research that doesn’t rely on any manager’s prediction of the future, stock-picking, or market-timing. You’ll be invested in low-cost mutual funds and ETFs that provide broad global diversification.

What if I want to meet and address multiple financial planning topics?

We’ve found that our time together is best focused on your highest priority planning item. If you want to address some or all financial planning areas – depending on your situation – it may make sense for you to review our full suite of planning options.

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