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54 ways to cut your budget

ways to cut your budget

Here are 54 ways to cut your budget over the next 54 days. What makes this number so special? There’s only 54 days until Christmas! During the holiday season, time can be of the essence which may cause frivolous, last minute and/or poor spending decisions. Avoid overspending by making your budget now for gifts, parties, travel and then stick to it. Check out this article which has 54 tips to cut your budget not just during the holiday season, but all year round! These tips include how to shop for insurance, better ways to bank and how to avoid holiday impulses!

More ways to cut your budget

One of our favorite ways to cut your budget in the article is saving your receipts and tracking your monthly spending. As a client of HFM, you don’t have to do this manually. eRICH-your personal website can help you get your finances organized with just a few clicks. Your website can track exactly how much you spend each month and organize it for you. View all your transactions and link them to a budget. Get reminders and alerts to help you stay on track. You can track your spending net worth, portfolio account balances and more. Learn more about e-RICH and what it can do for you here

In addition to using an online budgeting tool like eRICH, some of our other favorite ways to cut your budget in this article are to: Save all your change for a year or buying in bulk and use the savings to help increase your emergency fund.  Aim for short-term goals and keep them in sight.  Keep things in perspective- is a $100 pair of shoes worth 4-5 long hours of work? Remember savings can be made in all areas of your life: Housing, Food, Medications, Banking, Transportation, home heating and cooling, clothing and entertainment and communications.