A R.I.C.H. Approach to Readiness

A R.I.C.H. Approach to ReadinessWe believe our value as advisors is our approach to investing and financial planning. It is centered around ongoing coaching and discipline through life’s transitions to help keep you on track-not dependency on the state of the markets, making forecasts or predicting the future. No one can do that. We immediately address any investment weaknesses by prudently aligning your portfolio – which is the heart of your financial plan-and develop lifelong strategies to guide you to reach your goals. Our purpose is to build a community of educated investors who are ready for whatever life throws their way.


What does R.I.C.H. mean when you work with us?

Our R.I.C.H process symbolizes the ethics, discipline and clearly defined investment philosophy we pledge to every single client.

R Relationship building
We listen to your concerns and become your go-to expert, sounding board, listener, teacher and coach throughout our relationship. We get to the root of all your issues and respond to your needs.

We have built long-term relationships with our clients into a growing community of educated investors with a high level of peace of mind.

I Inspiring you to dream big 
When it comes to your goals we believe our job is to inspire you to dream big. Bring us your vision for the future and we will work diligently to help you achieve your desired level of success. Whether you ultimately wish to spend more time with family, travel, volunteer or pursue favorite hobbies, our goal is to help you get more out of life as it changes.
CCoaching our investors
As your  Coach we will be an attentive advisor that will help keep you disciplined and steadfast to your financial goals.  We provide the tools to help you understand how your portfolio is built, so you can handle the emotional challenges that investing brings.  Through communication and education, we help you achieve a higher level of investing peace of mind.
H Holding you accountable
A critical part of what we do is to motivate you and hold you accountable for completing your Action Plan. For us, creating a financial plan is only the beginning.

Our role is not to make decisions for you, but to regularly help you develop and understand your investment strategy and its impact on your long-term financial well-being.


At HFM we work individually with clients to create their own unique strategy, comprehensive action plan and personalized web portal to help them through life’s inevitable transitions. Whether you are in retirement, an executive or business owner approaching retirement or just beginning to dream about your family’s future we can help you with investment management strategies or with a financial plan.