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We offer our clients many services beyond investment management.


We help you get ready for life’s transitions.


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Estate Planning


Do you have a will? When was it last reviewed? Do you know someone who paid substantial taxes upon a family member’s passing? Death is a subject no one ever wants to talk about but it is important to have all of your complex legal affairs in order. We help you manage your assets and coordinate your estate plan with your attorney or introduce you to a highly qualified estate planning attorney so they can draft the appropriate legal documents.


401k Fund Allocation


Selecting the proper funds to invest within your 401(k) can be confusing. Investing requires more than asking a co-worker how they manage their 401(k) or what they chose. Together, we review your available fund options within your company’s 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement plan. We then discuss your options and help you allocate your funds in line with the rest of your investments and financial plan.

Stock Options & Deferred Compensation


As an executive, your total compensation package is seldom just salary + benefits. Company stock options and deferred compensation plans are great incentives, but how they fit into your overall financial picture is not always clear. With your personal goals in mind, we’ll help you strategize on what are your best stock option choices. You can then make educated decisions with less emotional attachments. Before finalizing any decisions, together we will consult with your tax advisor (CPA/Accountant) so you fully understand all of your income tax ramifications.


Coaching Tools
Want to view all your accounts in one place instead of logging in to many different systems?


One of our HFM Coaching tools, called eR.I.C.H. is your own private, secure, web-based portal that organizes your financial life into one clear picture.  It is accessible anytime from any of your devices including your smartphone.


Insurance Coverage


Most people have insurance, but many don’t understand what they own or if they have the proper amount. We will review your current policies and make recommendations that will help protect your loved ones and your assets in the event of a death or disability. When reviewing your auto, homeowners or liability coverage we will introduce you to an expert in the field and help you make the best choice.

College Savings


Funding this enormous expense requires planning and it’s never too early to start thinking about it. There are a variety of methods to pay for education expenses. We help you develop and decide which plan is right for your family.

Cash Flow and Savings Plan


What is the “right” amount of savings? Where should you be putting your savings? We work with you to determine the proper amount of savings and the vehicles to use. Together, we create a plan that includes those unexpected expenses, as well as short-, mid- and long-term goals.

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