New Year, New Plan Limits!

IRS Limits on
Retirement Benefits & Compensation

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the 2019 deferral limits to save for your retirement. Below is a table outlining 401(k), SIMPLE IRA and IRA deferral limits. See if you can increase your deferral limit for the 2019 calendar year!

*If you are considered a Highly Compensated Employee, you may face restrictions on the amount you can defer. Talk with an HFM Investor Coach if you have questions about your deferral limits.




401(k), 403(b), 457 Elective Deferral Limit
 $ 18,500
Catch-up Contribution
(age 50 or older)
 $ 6,000
 $ 12,500
SIMPLE IRA Catch-up contribution (age 50 or older)
 $ 3,000
IRA Contribution Limit
 $ 5,500
IRA Catch-up Contribution
(age 50 or older)
 $ 1,000

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